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Problem with Firefox

Hi everyone -- quick question to ask.

Firefox, for the last few days has been causing me some stress. Seems my address bar doesn't want to work. If I close out of a window and re-open it, the address bar vanishes entirely and the only way to get it back is if I go to View > Toolbars > Navigation Toolbar, or go to "Restore Default Settings."

Once in a while, I'd understand but as it has happened every single time, I'm quite annoyed.

Further, the address bar, when it is there, is almost useless. I have a few addresses saved in the history, but clicking them does nothing. Typing in addresses, likewise, does nothing. The only way to navigate is to click a link (wherein the link still does not appear in the address bar) or to type or paste the link in a google search.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution I'm missing? Or perhaps a root cause I haven't considered?

Much thanks in advance.
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