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Re: So, Pulse weapons.

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How do you figure? Trek had a script and a fantastic tech crew ready to go on a feature film just before SW came out. When SW hit, Paramount cancelled the trek movie and tried to do the tv revival thing for a few months. If not for SW, Trek would have been the one to cash in on the huge sf/trek interest of the mid 70s, instead of SW stealing Trek's thunder.

If GL had agreed to hold SW back till xmas 77, things might be very different today. Trek could have already been filming, or at the very least so far along it couldn't be easily cancelled. Plus SW wouldn't have done as well at xmas.
IIRC, plans for a Star Trek show came first, not a feature film. When SW came out and became a smash, the pilot's script was turned into TMP. Had Trek gone down the route of TV show instead of film, there's a decent chance that it would have failed, like Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers at the time.

Besides, prior to that, there wasn't much demand for sci-fi movies anyway. 2001 was more of a critical favorite than a financial smash.
You are incorrect. PLANET OF THE TITANS had Phil Kaufmann as director, Jordan Belson for optical effects, Ken Adam & Derek MEddings (both of Bond fame) for production design and miniatures, and was basically a 'go' project even before having a full script. It was cancelled within a month of SW coming out, and phase 2 arose out of those ashes for a short time.

As for the demand for TREK SF ... you had to be there. the mid 70s had an insane demand for trek (30,000 at a chicago con) and any action adventure film (even of mediocre quality) that came out ahead of SW would have cleaned up like you wouldn't believe.
Yes and considering the Film would have ended with Kirk and company pretty much stuck in the distant past founding the advanced civilization they were looking for in th film Star Trek probably would have ended then.
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