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And what does that even mean? What would make Trek "go Star Wars"?

Besides, we need to thank the success of SW for TMP and everything afterward.
How do you figure? Trek had a script and a fantastic tech crew ready to go on a feature film just before SW came out. When SW hit, Paramount cancelled the trek movie and tried to do the tv revival thing for a few months. If not for SW, Trek would have been the one to cash in on the huge sf/trek interest of the mid 70s, instead of SW stealing Trek's thunder.

If GL had agreed to hold SW back till xmas 77, things might be very different today. Trek could have already been filming, or at the very least so far along it couldn't be easily cancelled. Plus SW wouldn't have done as well at xmas.
Then again, GL could have also gotten SW out on schedule in 1976.

As I recall, the primary driver for the Trek revival's brief detour as TV series was the attempted creation of the Paramount network. Certainly, the success of SW made it an easy decision to re-greenlight the film after UPN Mark I failed.
To address the last point first: Par decided they waited too late for a trek film and admitted 'we're beaten' in cancelling TITANS. The Phase 2 thing came along handily, and at least allowed set construction to begin.

SW could NEVER EVER have gotten out in 1976. Believe me, I've talked to lots of ILM employees (hell, I wrote a screenplay based on the ILM end of the making of SW), and you would not have had anything close to a releasable pic. They didn't even start ILM up till summer 75, and only had 4 FX shots done by summer of 76 (that's out of 360+) ... Considering that a lot of that time was spent designing and building and debugging a brand new repeatable camera system (one so good that it had less than a week of downtime for the entire period it was fully operational), the idea of xmas 76 was blue-sky in the extreme.
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