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Plot Summary: Just after discovering a previously uncharted M-class planet, the Enterprise is pulled into a wormhole that makes everyone pass out but Data. When they revive, Data tells Picard that the crew lost consciousness for 30 seconds, though the sensors suggest they traveled for a full day and Crusher's botanical experiment shows a day's growth. A probe indicates that the planet they discovered is not M-class, but uninhabitable. Meanwhile, LaForge realizes that someone has tampered with the ship's chronometer and Troi senses that her body has been inhabited by some unknown personality. None of Data's explanations make sense to the crew, so Picard orders an examination of the android's systems, but LaForge reports that they all seem normal...which suggests that Data is deliberately hiding the truth. Worf goes to sickbay with an aching wrist that Crusher discovers has been broken and healed with her instruments - an event neither can recall. When LaForge discovers that Data tampered with the probe to send a false image back to the ship, Picard demands to know why Data is deceiving the crew. Data admits that he was ordered to do so by Picard himself. Meanwhile Troi begins to speak in the voice of an alien, telling Data that his plan has failed. The being inhabiting Troi tells Picard that her people are xenophobes who erase the memories of intruders and send them away, but since Data is immune to their manipulation, they intend to destroy the Enterprise. Picard insists that he now knows what he and Data need to do to prevent the crew from guessing that their memories have been altered, and the alien agrees to give them one more chance to remove all knowledge of their existence.

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