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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

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Yeah, but the Dominion sure tried, the Bastards. I guess the writers through that near Genocide would be poetic justice for the Occupation of Bajor.
Well...remember that the Dominion HAD demonstrated its genocidal tendencies before. Had Bashir not intervened, the Teplans would've been wiped out slowly by the Blight. And I'm afraid my memory isn't really doing so well on this question, but I think the Dominion had killed other races as well--and threatened to do so to Cardassia before Dukat's alliance. Dukat was arrogant...incredibly think he could keep that in check! If it's anybody's fault, it was Dukat's.

Maybe there was a poetic justice element...but to me, it was most importantly a comment on the consequences of Dukat's supreme arrogance.

Agreed on the above, Dukat's arrogance got the better of him. And he obveriously thought the desperate times call for desperate measures yet the Feds had exetended an open hand to the new Civilian government on Cardassia, but Dukat needed that Statute .
But did the Federation REALLY back the Cardassians against the Klingon invasion? Were they really ready to put it all on the line to keep their former so-called "allies" from going after Cardassia? I don't think so--to me it seems like they decided they needed their little alliance more than they were willing to stand up for a democratic government in need. It was all about expediency as far as the Federation was concerned...or so it seems, anyway--they just don't admit it.

(This, of course, still does not excuse Dukat, not in the slightest. But it does make me think that he wouldn't have had as much of an opening to get away with what he did, had the circumstances been different.)

And I look forward to the continuation of your essay!
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