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Re: BSG ratings rock!

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Keeeeee-rap...look at the nose dive that Heroes, Lost and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles have taken over their lifespans! It's tough out there. 3M to 2M is doing fine!
Uh? Getting 2 million viewers might be "ok in the rough economy" (I don't agree with that, but we'll go with it) but they are spinning their numbers saying they just had the best January ever after loosing a million viewers. That's a million less than they had before. Therefore, Jan 2005 was a better Jan than this one. That's just simple math is all I'm saying.
Your point would be improved if you knew how to spell losing.

Just a tip.

As for the ratings, Battlestar is dark, depressing and so deeply burrowed within its own mythos that it would be a miracle for a new viewer to tune in and stick with it. Given that, and the generally abysmal SciFi ratings, getting anything near last season's numbers is a win.
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