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Re: Lost 5x04: "The Little Prince"

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Who are the new mystery attackers? We never learned what time period this was.
Well, we know it was the future since the Losties camp was there but deserted and all the food stuff used up. So it had to have been after the Oceanic Six got off the island. How far in the future was it? Well the camp was still standing, but it looked in bad shape... So maybe 3 years?

Is it possible that those boats "were/are/will be" the ones the Oceanic Six use to return to the island? Somebody that was in them flew on that Indian Airway before paddling to the island. My money is on it being Jack, Kate & the rest who made it off.

Imagine this scenario... Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Aaron, Ben, Sun, Desmond, Frank and Locke's body paddle up to the Island in those two boats. They get out and begin exploring trying to find everyone they left behind. Meanwhile Sawyer and the Others show up and take one of the boats.

Jack and the others return to the beach and see someone paddling away in one of their boats. They don't know who so they give chase.

Not likely I know, but it could happen.
I'm wondering if there might have been Another plane crash.
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