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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

2 of 10 wrote:
Sorry to interrupt to Cardi Love-Fest, however, IMO the BORG where most interesting Race in Trek. The Collective like Seven is unique in all the Galaxy. I can't imagine Trek without the BORG, how bout you
Yes, and it would be better. Or at least, Trek without anything after BoBW or possibly I, Borg, would be.

The Borg, after I, Borg, were probably the most boring and routinely mishandled Trek species ever conceived. Klingons might have been a monoculture, but at least they had *a* culture. The Borg were apparently all a bunch of unwilling victims, and despite the obvious advantages the Borg way of life had, and this undermined any treatment of them as anything other than the Big Bad, and that's not why I watch Star Trek. I'll grant my memories of VOY are hazy, but I believe that to be a basically accurate characterization. I certainly don't recall anyone trying to defend being a Borg, although it doesn't really seem all that bad.

After I, Borg, they were nothing more than a bunch of Space Zombies. First Contact is a rather dull remake of Night of the Living Dead, except the house is the Enterprise, and we get to see a ten-second, anticlimactic space battle that's been tacked onto the front end.
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