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Starscape Station (Starscape BBS)

Hey Scapers!

The theme has been updated to a new one called Starscape Station.

Also of note, the arcade. Unfortunately, our previous arcade provider changed their access coding for zetaboards, and our
account became invalid.

So I've switched providers. Unfortunately, this does mean previous data was lost, and I apologize, there was no way to modify the data to work in the new arcade or even switch back to the old one.

"What about the movies? You said there would be movies!"

You will also see an option called "Movies". This is a list of popular movies on Youtube that is updated frequently. What's beautiful is that YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN MOVIES to the list! Want to advertise your band? Add a video of them playing!

Listen to Starscape Radio, post on your personal blog, chat in our chat room, or post in the forum!

That being said, please enjoy the games, the new theme, all that we have to offer at Starscape BBS (Now Starscape Station).


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