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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

The Cardies are certainly the best written and acted race. But done properly, I think the Romulans and the Borg - yes, the Borg - would be duking it out for top billing.

Here's typical “speech” (babble) by the Space Cavemen (TNG-type “Klingons”):

“Meesa H-O-N-O-R! Yousa H-O-N-O-R? Meesa honor Exskreez me! Yousa come up heres fight meesa you insult meesa H-O-N-O-R Hello daddee! It be bad bombin' but yousa must fight meesa to death,H-O-N-O-R! Meesa H-O-N-O-R! Yousa no H-O-N-O-R! Exskreez me!”

I see your point, but these "Gunguns" at least have the sense to come out and say, "weesa pretty annoying, hah? No wonder weesa make all the prequels suck."

Sorry to interrupt to Cardi Love-Fest, however, IMO the BORG where most interesting Race in Trek. The Collective like Seven is unique in all the Galaxy. I can't imagine Trek without the BORG, how bout you
I think a lot of folks hate the Borg with the fiery passion of a billion supernovas, because of how badly they've been bungled by pushing them out there as this unstoppable, existentially terrifying force, and then neutering them by having Janeway et al turn them into chumps. But given the proper respect, yes, the Borg could be among Trek's best.
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