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Re: BSG ratings rock!

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That said, I'm happy with its fate. It's ending at just the right time.
I agree. This show wouldn't be so great right now if it weren't hurtling towards its conclusion.
Yeah, I know viewing habits are different...but 2 million?
It's very decent by cable standards. Wonderful shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Dexter draw fewer viewers. All I care about is that they get the audience that lets them pay the bills.

With due respect, I don't think they, as in the studio and network, are really happy about being high on the BitTorrented lists.
All the good genre shows get bittorented, it's just par for the course. As long as they can remain a functioning business regardless, I'm fine with the cable-level numbers and the piracy. (although all you pirates should be ashamed! of yourselves!)
The Sci Fi spin is to make things sound rosey but it's hard for me to think everything's all that great when they once hit a near 3 million mark.

Keeeeee-rap...look at the nose dive that Heroes, Lost and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles have taken over their lifespans! It's tough out there. 3M to 2M is doing fine!
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