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Re: Most Obnoxious: Neelix or Phlox?

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I liked Phlox, he was irritating in an interesting way.

As for Neelix... why did Seven have to bring him back from the dead?
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Neelix is more annoying than Phlox for sure, while Phlox was a much better character. I think Neelix would've been more interesting if he had been the doctor on VOY -- I believe Robert Picardo auditioned for both roles, the EMH and Neelix.

Phlox was only a tiny bit annoying in the beginning, with his odd grins and facial tics, but I found him more useful as ENT's CMO. Neelix was just Cookie in space, and that always annoyed me.

You see how he eventually outlives his usefulness as a guide, the original intent of the character, in the ep where he meets his fellow Talaxian (Wixi-something, too lazy to look it up!) and realizes they're going into areas of space he's never encountered. It would have been more interesting if Neelix was some kind of wild-eyed adventurer, like Steve Fosset, intent on settng a record by traversing the Delta Quadrant, and then meeting Voyager on his way back to his homeworld after decades in space.

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