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Re: BSG ratings rock!

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Sure they're putting it in a good light, but Battlestar is one of the most DVR'd and BitTorrented shows currently on TV. Also, these are the best numbers the show has seen since it's season 2 premiere, so I'm sure they're happy.
With due respect, I don't think they, as in the studio and network, are really happy about being high on the BitTorrented lists. That means people are getting their copy-written material illegally which could mean DVD sales they may not get. Also, networks care about advertising and people DVRing and downloading the show aren't watching those ads. That means the network has to charge less for that time. The Sci Fi spin is to make things sound rosey but it's hard for me to think everything's all that great when they once hit a near 3 million mark. Sci Fi used to have at least 3 shows in the cable top 20 each week. None of their shows make that now. So I can't buy the "greatest numbers ever..." line from Sci Fi when I know they've had better numbers.
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