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Re: Christian Bale Loses it on Terminator set

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Good for you ... At least you admit to "browbeating" people.
Oh, I see. You want to keep going. It was a joke, genius.

Drone36929 wrote: View Post
Well, the fact that he acted like an asshole on the set doesn't even bother me as much as some people tend to defend his tirade. The man could've committed rape or bloody murder, and their reaction to "St. Christian Bale" would've been, "No big deal." Personally, I find that rather disturbing.
Holy God. So it's not enough to say that people who disagree with you are willing to eat his shit, but now they'd excuse rape and murder, too.

This is what I meant by you projecting. I'm not even defending Bale, I'm defending the other people in this forum whom you've branded as coprophiliac rape/murder apologists because they disagree with you.

This "St. Christian Bale" and "he's teh Batman" crap is what you have decided is the intent behind those who disagree with you. It has no basis in reality; you just made it up in order to denigrate people who disagree with you.

The "high horse" and "ivory tower" comments aren't about your opinion on Bale, they're about what you're saying about those with a different perspective.

Edit: Sorry, Neroon. I was working on this post before you replied. I'll drop it now, because if he's still not getting it, he's not going to.
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