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Re: Christian Bale Loses it on Terminator set

You're projecting again, which is what you've been doing from the start.

I know you can't be referring to me, because I've yet to really defend his behavior. My entire point has been that it's a non-issue if he and the DP are over it, and the rest of the Internet needs to follow suit. Have a laugh, make remixes and so forth, but save the judgment for shit that concerns you.

I saw your comment that some people are willing to eat his excrement, and since you posted it after your "OMG ... Why do some people think this actor can do no wrong just because 'he is teh Batman'? " in here, you're clearly referring to people on this board.

Your ivory tower doesn't glisten so well when you're accusing other people of being willing to eat shit because they see the incident from a different point of view.
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