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Re: Christian Bale Loses it on Terminator set

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It has nothing to do with him being "teh Batman." If he and the DP have made amends and consider it all water under the bridge, then the story is over.

Spare me your "OMG"s and rolleyes.
Oh, have they now. The way many people see it, the story isn't over. It's just starting. That incident says a lot about Bale's character. To me, he's an asshole, but he can be a damned fine actor, too. So I'm not going to boycott his movies just yet.
Heaven forbid you actually put your money where your mouth is. You and Dorian can enjoy your empty gestures, I guess. "Good to know you guys have made up and everything, but just so you know, THE INTERNET DISAPPROVES!"

Pat yourselves on the back for wagging a finger at an incident you had no part of, even if everyone involved has mended fences.

What Venardhi says is correct; this is a non-story cranked out months after the incident was over and forgiven by all involved.
Oh, puh-leeze. Just because you're the Admin doesn't mean other people aren't allowed to have their own opinion. But the truth is, I really don't give a rat's ass about Christian Bale's character or personality. You got at least one thing right; I had no part in the incident, but that doesn't change my perceptions of him, both as a person and as an actor.

Seriously! It's entirely possible for someone to dislike a person (or frown upon him for what he said/did) and still appreciate his work. It happens all the time in the workplace. Clearly, not everything is black and white.
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