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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

Right on Thor Damar. You think alot like me concerning the 1979-now head-ridged ”Klingns”.

Wow! December of 2009 will mark 30 years of head-ridged, or, literally, bnehead “Klingns”

Nevermind aficionados expected to actually buy TNG “Klingons” having an interstellar civilization, they couldn't have any civilization in real life. Give me a break ST makers.

Your observation of TOS Klingons being similar to the Cardassians who'd come along decades later is dead on. I`ve thought that myself for many years now.

Cardassians, great examples being Dukat (pre-Dominion) & Garak, are very complex interesting characters.

Trek's PTB initially ruined the Klingons (appearance-wise) way back in 1979. The final demolition of Klingons (both their mentality & in terms of their believability) occurred on TNG. DS9, V'GER & other Trek just followed TNG re:“Klingons”.

I'll never care for or like ENT's forced explanation of non-headridged Klingons. That was ridiculous

The Klingons devolved from being the “original Cardassians” to being Space Cavemen. They're now the “Gungans” of ST.

In Broken Bow that “Klingon” who crash-landed into that fellow's barn's name should've been Honour-Honour Klings.

Here's typical “speech” (babble) by the Space Cavemen (TNG-type “Klingons”):

“Meesa H-O-N-O-R! Yousa H-O-N-O-R? Meesa honor Exskreez me! Yousa come up heres fight meesa you insult meesa H-O-N-O-R Hello daddee! It be bad bombin' but yousa must fight meesa to death,H-O-N-O-R! Meesa H-O-N-O-R! Yousa no H-O-N-O-R! Exskreez me!”

SW is stuck with Gungans & we're stuck with Space Cavemen
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