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Re: So, Pulse weapons.

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COOL effect, the stories are there, the universe is there, just make it look cool. Which is exactly what this movie seems to be doing.
The pulse effect looks fine, but beams can be interesting too. One issue with moving to pulse-based effects is that it becomes more difficult to distinguish between phasers and torpedoes. Maybe they'll depict torpedoes as trailing glowing wires back to the launch tubes as some modern torpedoes do.
It is also possible that they differentiate by color. Since the new TOS phasers are red, maybe the torpedoes will be blue? (swapping the colors would completely screw with the canon, since quantums are blue, but who knows) Most likely they'll be kinda orange like Enterprise.

Also the fact that it might be hard to tell the difference between phaser and torpedo might be nice on-screen, just a collage of destruction. Like the opening sequence in Star Wars: Episode III. (speaking of which, whenever I see the Kelvin and Narada clips, it always reminds me of the EpIII opening.)
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