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Re: Horror Recommendations

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I'm looking for a horror movie to watch tonight.

I like:

The Descent
28 Days Later
Night of the Living Dead
Friday the 13th Part II

I don't want to watch a teen slasher film
nothing would subtitles (nothing against foreign films, I just need to be able to work on homework at the same time)
and preferably something within the last 20 years.

Would you be interasted in something REALLY scary as hell? Try the remake of the FLY. I think that movie is really scary due to the fact he CAN'T run away from the monster because he is the monster. It's both VERY frightning and sad. Oh! and if I wer'e you I would have a BARF bag handy( you'll NEED IT!)
Man good call! I always forget about the Fly but it's truly great horror film, scary and sad all at the same time. It's very uncomfortable watch in places too.
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