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Re: Christian Bale Loses it on Terminator set

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Sure, we all have bad days at work now and then but I guarantee you, folks, that if I or any of you did what Christian Bale did, we'd be fired on the spot and probably subject to a lawsuit or two of our own.
Well, the analogy is not really correct. Bale in this case is more like the boss in your work.
You could sue the boss if he acted like that but it is unlikely the boss would be fired.

Or maybe you wouldn't sue because you need the job or maybe the boss would later recognize his mistake and apologize.
I agree. In this case Bale is the boss. If he walks the film is fucked. He knows that so he can pretty much lose his shit if he wants to and get away with it. In a normal situation of work he wouldn't because he wouldn't want to get fired. I'm sure many of us might feel free to do the same if the company we worked for depended on our being there. Without a doubt we all want to just blast someone sometimes, but instead we bite our tongue. Pleanty of us do it here instead.
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