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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Background Thread

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Thanks for looking! Unfortunately my computer-drawing and photomanipulation skills are very, very primitive--which is why I do everything by hand. (So yes, I had an extra incentive to want to break with the standard "Trek look." ) So I wouldn't have any way to vector it. If I did, though, wouldn't I lose the clearly hand-drawn look to it, even on the final version? The textured paper, the slight imperfections due to markers and the human hand, etc.?
Oh, yeah, you would. But I meant, in case you ever wanted to have a... word mark, is the term, I believe. It means a specific, visually identifiable brand that automatically ties peoples minds to your works. A graphic design term; I actually used to have a word mark for the Journey, and I suppose even the bottom footer on the eBook of ONOW is a watermark for AotW.

For this on a cover or as a website, that'd be awesome; the vector would be more something you'd use to make banners of varying sizes without losing the crystal clear quality of the original fonts/design, since vector isn't a lossy format. Know what I mean? Like for banner exchanges and that.
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