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I want to see a result from the HD test they did. If it were remastered, I would like to see there be more than the same odd-angle warp shot focusing on the deflector (which always looked like the ship was flying at an angle to me), and redo those planets from seasons 1 and 2, which looked like bad projections on a dome, and I could tell most of the time that's what they were. Throw in some good planets like TOS-R, a few more stock shots of the ship from other angles (left side, top, bottom, bottom-front, et al) at warp for variety, and fix a few FX errors (phaser from the photorp launcher), and the rest is mostly SD->HD cleanup and a shot-by-shot reconstruction. I don't have too much problem with the original composition of most of the shots, but I get tired of the same stock shots, and the Enterprise being a lumbering, almost immobile object in fight scenes. Ent-E moved around more.

In short - I hope they get to TNG HD and get started soon. I can't wait to see it.

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