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Re: Lost 5x04: "The Little Prince"

3/4 weakest so far this year

It felt like nothing happened until the final ten minutes. Just spinning gears and learning nothing. The only big surprise for me was meeting the French expedition with Jin (though I recognized Jin the second they showed him face down!). I can't wait to see Jin screwing around with the French, somehow this wasn't in my mind as happening.

I find the Oceanic Six plot to be the least interesting thing going on. I was surprised that Ben was behind the entire lawyer/assassin thing, I thought it was Widmore. Explains why they only used tranqs!

Miles getting the nose bleed just confirms he's Chang's son.

I think the Sawyer Juliet pairing is not romantic, but them bonding as they're both castoffs of the Jack Kate relationship, commisserating together. I do hope it ends with Jack/Juliet and Kate/Sawyer as they're made for each other.

So the Indian foodstuffs... are we going to meet an Indian team in the future?

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