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Re: List of Federation Members

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Could I just clarify that people in India itself, and in quite a number of countries on Earth, do not go around referring to people from Mumbai or Goa as being 'East' Indian?
Indeed. People in India call themselves Bharati and their country Bharat. "India" is the European name for the country, coined by Alex T. Great after the Indus Valley which he conquered.
Hm. Odd. You would think that English might have adopted the actual native name for their own country at some point.

.... of course, English can't even bring itself to call Germany "Deutschland" or Spain "Espaņa," so I suppose I'm being overly optimistic.


By the way, while we're on the topic of proper names....

I'm wondering if anyone might know how to translate "United Federation of Planets" into Latin? That probably takes the prize for Geekiest Question Ever, but I was curious and the online English-Latin translator sites I've found haven't been helpful.
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