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Re: Constellation class

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I would also put at least a few antimatter pods back between the impulse engines. Also, why did you make the warp core shorter?
Thanks, Praetor. Locating the anitmatter pods between the two sets of impulse engines depicted sounds good. I think I'll do that.

The reason I shortened the core was for conformity with this aft cutaway published in Star Trek: The Magazine, which I could perhaps just as easily ignore, since it's not really canon.
I may be wrong (and maybe Timo wants to have a look to see what he thinks, or maybe we could conjur up Rick Sternbach) but I think that's a Shane Johnson/'Mr. Scott's Guide' style computer core coming up from the 'processors' at the bottom to connect to the underside of the bridge.

At least that's always what I thought since it wasn't explicitly labelled 'intermix chamber' and seemed to flow into the part labeled 'computer core.' It never entered my mind that it might be the warp core but now I'm having my doubts.

And that mystery door... that I just can't figure what would be most logical for it to be.

Here and here are great links from Doug Drexler's blog where the Constellation/Stargazer is discussed a bit, particularly the differences between Picard's model and the filming model.
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