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And the fact they've said it would be more difficult than TOS since effects were done on video, rather than film.
Worse...the OUTPUT was to video, meaning the film masters of the LA footage are also gone.
They should have been archived, tossing the live-action makes no sense, but then again this is Paramount, who wouldn't pay to keep the vfx elements from TMP so they all got tossed from EEG and Apogee in the early 80s.

I'd figure the live-action film elements would have been archived along with the miniature film elements, but again ... this is paramount.
AFAIK, they still have the live-action film elements. They rescanned a few shots of Ten Forward for These Are the Voyages... (where they had to redo a replicator effect from scratch because they rescanned, see below), and said in July 2007 that they were going to do a TNG-R HD test of a single (unspecified) episode. No word on how that turned out as such, but no news is presumably bad news.

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I see no compelling reason to do a TNG remastered, at least not the kind of thing where you actually re-do shots or effects. Perhaps at some point a total cleanup and revitalization of the prints or whatever but ... content wise, it stand up perfectly well 98% of the time.
The reason to do it would be the same reason they redid TOS - namely, things are moving to the point where a HD copy of a show will get people to rebuy the series on Blu-Ray (originally, HD DVD), and HD syndication is beginning to become viable. And "upscaled" video tends to show its' roots. THAT'S the "compelling reason" if they can keep the costs down in doing it.

They can't do a "total cleanup and revitalization of the prints or whatever" that exist because they did all the optical effects on 480i NTSC video (which was pretty soft to begin with). The improvement you can get from such is limited, compared with rescanning the 35mm film... but if they rescanned the film, they'd need to recreate the edits, redo all the phaser shots, etc from scratch, and at a bare minimum recomposite all the viewscreen shots, LCARS stuff, shots involving multiple models (which were filmed separately and then optically put together on video), etc. And if they wanted 5.1 sound, that would also need put together again from the original elements.

Fundamentally, they would need to redo all the post-production work from scratch. Probably doable, but expensive. There's no middle-ground - as there was with TOS - of playing with the edited episodes, where film prints existed of the final episodes that could be "cleaned up".
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