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Supernatural spoilers and a poll- no spoiler code used

Are you ready?

I. Said. Are you ready???????

For the hundreds at Trek Today BBS and the millions watching on tv and in heaven and hell...
let's get ready to RUMBLE??????

In the white corner we have
Dean "The Angel" Winchester!!!!!!. The guy who tortured people in hell but has the backing of , and has sex with, angels?

In the black corner we have Sam "The Demon" Winchester!!!! The nice guy throughout the sow who has always been the conscience between the boys but is sleeping with and supported by a demon while destroying demons on the side.

Let's get it on!!

Question: Why do you torment me so? You decide to devote an entire column to one show and you choose Grey's Anatomy?! How about an all Supernatural column? -- Katy
Would you settle for an all Supernatural answer instead? The final three episodes of the season can be summed up in three words: Dean vs. Sam. Also, the kid who plays Mary Louise Parker's son, Shane, on Weeds has been cast as a ghost in a spring episode.
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