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Re: Why was Odo such a lousy bush-league shapeshifter?

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As correctly noted by the changeling impersonating Robert Foxworth's admiral character in that 2-parter when the Founders went to San Francisco.

Laas the Louse tried to educate Odo in the ways of shapeshifting, Laas's only positive contribution was that.

Prior to Kid Nausea, err, Laas's failed teaching experience, the Femme-Odo didn't accomplish much in the Teaching-to-Shapeshift Dept either. She was too busy being “Romulan Commander Woman” to Odo's “Spock” to know she was doing.

Odo never pushed his shapeshifting to the max. He could've/should've counter-infiltrated the Dominion, pretended to be a Founder more than effing onceNot to mention imitating Jem'Hadar, Vorta, and Cardassians.

Odo also could've used his authoritah, as a(n ersatz) Founder, to order around Vorta & Jem'Hadar

Back to core-topic: was up with Odo's untapped shapeshiting talent(s), assuming there are any Especially, in particular, Odo's utter failure at impersonating human(oid) faces

At series end it would've been to show Odo shapeshifting into a perfect double of Sisko &/or other DS9 crew. This would show he finally has it & doesn't belong on the Island of Misfit Shapeshifters

2 Herberts {Femme-Odo,Laas} failed at teaching Odo how to be just simply a garden-variety changeling.I'd like to think in the decade Odo's been a Great Linker, that now he can finally imitate human(oid) faces, as well as infernos, clouds & interstellar debris.

I mean, seriously Odo

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