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Re: Knight Rider - 1x13: Exit Light, Enter Knight - Discussion and Spo

So who do we have who could run Knight Rider?

David E. Kelley?

KITT: We need to stop the Republicans now. Voting Democrat unconditionally is the only way to save our country.

MICHAEL: I'm on it KITT. Billy, I need you to... who are you? You're not Billy.

ROY: I'm Roy, played by George Wendt. I'm taking over for Billy since David E. Kelley decided he didn't want to write for him anymore. If I'm lucky, I won't be replaced halfway through the season. Now lets get these Republicans.

John Wells?

A helicopter cuts off Billy's hand. Then another one crashes down on him and kills him. In the meantime, someone Michael pissed off is coming at them with a tank.

Jerry Bruckheimer?

SARAH: I've analyzed the mystery substance we found at the crime scene. It's a seed that comes from a rare plant from Canada called Solanum dulcamara, and it only sprouts seeds during the autumn. I went to the rare Canadian plant database and cross referenced it with all Californians who were in Canada during the fall and came up with two possible suspects.

Rick Berman?

MICHAEL: KITT, I need you to recalibrate the transinversive beacon to emit a pulse into the singularity! If we can reverse the effects of the anti-time, we can prevent this whole thing from happening!
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