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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Background Thread

OK...this is a ROUGH DRAFT of a concept I'm trying for a Sigils and Unions emblem. I decided that, given the spirit of my story--which is to break from your standard Federation-based tale, that I would take an entirely different approach to the logo design. I was kind of inspired by Ziyal's art here, and while of course her style blended Bajoran and Cardassian influences, I still took some cues off of that as to how Cardassian art might look. (Though this, again, has certain Federation influences.)

I am definitely going to have to redraw this (got some problems with the ship that I can see, plus it's woefully obvious that I didn't use a ruler)...but I finally got the Cardassian-like font looking for the most part like I want it. (Though that thing on the bottom of the vertical staff is going to have to move...I think it belongs up top.) And that's the basic idea of how I want to depict the ship.'s the basic idea. Do you guys think this is TOO out-there for a Star Trek series? Or do you think that, Sigils and Unions being what it is, I can get away with it?

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