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Bill Morris
Re: Constellation class

Timo wrote: View Post
Hmm... I'd still argue that the torpedo tubes indicated by the model are all pointing forward from the pylon junctures, as per the reuse of Constitution-refit neck elements, and that this ship lacks aft torpedo tubes since there aren't suitable surface features for them. Or if there's an aft tube or a pair of them, it would go between the impulse engines where there are some greeblies on the desktop model and a greebled cover plate for the motion control arm in the photographic model.

Also, the warp core should probably have a central reaction chamber thingamabob, as portrayed in "Peak Performance", rather than a featureless straight shaft. Okay, so the Hathaway might have had a reactor refit, as many of her consoles also looked more modern than those of the Stargazer. But in that case, the reactor in this MSD might be made more "TMP'ish" still.

Timo Saloniemi
Thanks, Timo. This shot of one of the filming models shows a door at the rear for the strut between the top two nacelles that I assumed was for a probe\torpedo launcher. Am I wrong about that?

I also mistakenly took other features on this model for the impulse engines before seeing th error of my ways.

About the intermix chamber and adjacent equipment, I thought I was moving that away from the impluse engines just to make it easy on the viewer but ended up not putting it in the new location. I'll fix that. Thanks for spotting my error.

Praetor wrote: View Post
I would also put at least a few antimatter pods back between the impulse engines. Also, why did you make the warp core shorter?
Thanks, Praetor. Locating the anitmatter pods between the two sets of impulse engines depicted sounds good. I think I'll do that.

The reason I shortened the core was for conformity with this aft cutaway published in Star Trek: The Magazine, which I could perhaps just as easily ignore, since it's not really canon.
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