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Canon characters killed in the books SPOILERS!!

As I've said in the ASD thread, I've just started the book, and I got to the part where Drex apparently is killed. This, along with all of the discussion about Janeway's death got me wondering which screen characters have been killed in the books, not including Mirror or alternate universes.
So far the only ones that have come mind are:
Drex (apparently. I guess there is chance he could be saved)
B'Elanna and Miral (maybe, KRAD's evil laughs add a ? to this one for me)
I'm pretty sure there have been more, but they are the only ones that I can think right off the top of my head. And I am including characters who only had a bit part in one episode or movie. Also, please please do not turn this into a debate over who should or shouldn't have been killed, I just want to discuss what happened.
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