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Re: Smallville#8-13: "Power" Discuss/Grade <SPOILER>

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Was that coffee shop actually in Metropolis ?
It's in Smallville.
I'll have to look at that again, isn't the Talon Smallville's only coffee shop ?
Actually, no. There are two others. Or at least there were at one point.

In the first season there was the main hang out which was another coffee shop whose name I cannot recall at the moment. But all the main characters hung out there, including Lex. It was where Lana had gotten her first job as a waitress and failed miserably on her first day. Another waitress was working there when that guy that turned young with kryptonite exposure came to kill her in revenge for her grandmother sending him to prison and ruining his career as a concert pianist.

It wasn't until late in season 1 or early season 2 that Lana convinced Lex to buy the Talon and reopen it as a coffee shop. Right after the Talon opened Lana mentioned there was yet another coffee shop in town that was in fierce competition with the Talon. After being prodded to fight back by Lex, Lana resorted to some dirty tactics (I think it was calling the heath dept. on them), saved the Talon and earned Lex's respect.
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