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Re: List of Federation Members

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I'm just happy to see the Alonis make the cut....
Well of course it did! It's a pretty clear-cut case. Twilight established Alonis to be a Federation Member State, and that's been re-established every time they've appeared, such as the Alonis Federation Councillor we met in Articles of the Federation and mentioned in A Singular Destiny.

Now, Danter, on the other hand.... Oy gevalt on that one. They're referred to as a Federation Member in their first appearance, but consistently behave antagonistically towards the Federation and are referred to as a non-Member in later appearances, or so I'm told.

(Maybe I should put them on the list of former Federation Member States, along with Selelvia?)

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Doesn't Earth's United Nations have some overtly hostile members at times, who make it clear that the UN should keep out of their business?
Et tu Therin? Let's just say that since January 20th, there's a new Sheriff in town, and thank gawd he's a Trekkie!
Now I might be wrong, but isn't Mr Obama the President of the United States of America and not the Secretary General of the United Nations who is in fact Ban Ki-Moon who has held that position for over two years now.
I believe that foravalon was interpreting Therin's statement referring to United Nations Member States who are hostile to the UN at times and make it clear that the UN should keep out of their business as having been a reference to former US President George W. Bush's infamous foreign policies of unilateralism and hostility towards the United Nations. Foravalon was not saying that Barack Obama is Secretary-General of the United Nations -- or, for that matter, that Ban Ki-Moon is President of the United States.

For the record, my primary motivation in objecting to a comparison of the Federation to the United Nations is primarily because so many people don't seem to understand that the United Nations is not a government.

Oh and Sci, thats a bloody brilliant list
Thankee, sir. Though, of course, as this thread demonstrates, it still needs plenty of work.
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