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OmahaStar wrote: View Post
Tom Welling can act?
QFT. He's also complete sexless in my eyes due to his complete and utter tediusness. He can act well when being gormless, but that's about it.

Tulin wrote: View Post
Then, sometime around the beginning of S3, suddenly JPad put on about 15 kilos of muscle and I HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK!!!!! The guy was suddenly MASSIVE and CUT at the same time. I am not ashamed to say, his shirtless scenes almost take my breath away. I am a BIG "veins" guy and his arms are........WOW!!!!!!!
I'll always like Jensen more, and have been pretty ambivalent to Jared. But I watched the first episode of season three, and thought he'd beefed up. I wouldn't say no to him, but I think he'd be better if he comes in a package with Jensen.

AntonyF wrote: View Post
Brian Austin Green would probably get the top job, though. Or bottom job. I'm not fussy...
I like him too. He's not one of my favorites, but he's very nice.

Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
Oh, and here are some more piccies for AntonyF to discuss the subject matter.
One of my fav pics of him!
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