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Re: Christian Bale Loses it on Terminator set

Personally, this doesn't effect me. I've been let down by so many actors, this isn't even on the scale yet.

I mean, I used to love Mel Gibson. Then he turned out to be a drunken bible-thumper anti-semite, and... nope, don't like you anymore.

I saw an interview with Vin Diesel about his first big role, as the voice of "The Iron Giant" in the animated film of that name. I knew when I saw this, way before he did "xXx" that Vin Diesel was going places. When he did "xXx" and "Fast and the Furious" I felt really vindicated in predicting his rise to stardom. Then he didn't do the sequels, felt he was "too good" for them and instead did that family flick where he was a marine turned baby sitter. At which point... bleh.

My list goes on. Harrison Ford. Patrick Stewart. Blah blah blah. So many great talents that, somehow, do something that makes me give up on my admiration for them. I don't hate any of them, but they fall off that pedestal.

With Bale though, he never got up on that pedestal. When they cast him in "Begins" I went and watched his work and was very impressed by the relative unknown with great talent. When I saw him sit down and do a round-table discussion with a dozen crazed Bat-fans at Comic Con, and he spoke about the character, I saw his great humanity. This is the inverse of that.

This is his humanity under a poor light. But the fact remains, he's human - I've known this for some time, never elevated him to "awesome" status, just an awesome talent and a normal human being, and so... this sort of thing makes me concerned for him, but otherwise? Meh.

He's human. He makes mistakes. He has bad days. Not much else to see here.

It upsets me more to see people beating up on him for this. Inverted hero-worship. Worship when he's on top, beat him when he's down. He's a human being, accept he has his own issues and get over it.
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