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Re: January Writing Challenge--Vote!!!

SLWatson wrote: View Post
CeJay and trampledamage take it from me. Both were engaging stories that I thoroughly liked for different reasons. And for once, I remembered to vote twice! Ha!
mirandafave wrote: View Post
Voted for CeJay's. A neat story with a song choice that fitted perfectly.

2nd vote went to Trampledamage because again liked the choice of music but also especially liked the topic of Will Riker grappling with the issue of Tom Riker. Really would like to see this one followed up - hint hint.
CeJay wrote: View Post

I also voted for It's Four In the Morning which was also splendidly composed and gave us a fascinating insight into the previously mostly unexplored Riker/Riker relationship.
In my agonising over who to vote for I completely forgot to say thank you for the votes I've received. Thanks guys! I'm really pleased that you liked the story.
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