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Bad guy Tandro: "The relevant treaty between Klaestron IV and your Federation allows for unilateral extradition."
How much clearer could the writers be about wanting Klaestron IV to be a non-member?
It also raises the question of who was signing these ridiculous treaties. Unilateral extradition? Was the Federation forcing two-bit planets to sign functionally lop-sided treaties only to find itself taken aback when they began to modernize?
Errm, the lopsidedness is in the Klaestrons' favor -- they can extradite whomever they want (in this case, Dax) from Federation territory without needing UFP permission. Why would the UFP have forced such a treaty on them? If anything, it suggests the UFP was bending over backward to accommodate the Klaestrons. Which raises the question of why they'd do that.
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