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Re: Constellation class

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I might suggest the "auxiliary bridge" is in fact the location of the warp core. For one, it would have an unobstructed vertical path for ejection, unlike in the case of a vertical core in the pylons. And its hatchlike elements could be how the fuel tanks are topped up. The drive plasma would fire up along the leading edge of the pylons, then.
That's a nice idea, but that would also lead to a LOT of power transfer conduits. Still, other ships seem to have a lot of PTC, and perhaps the main part of the core with the dilithium chamber can be ejected after the antimatter pods anyway, leaving behind just PTCs? Alternatively, it could be some type of dedicated astrometrics-type 'observatory.'

The lance-like protrusion underneath the hull could be a sensor element - but it also shares something with the cylinders we see at the corners of Miranda class roll bars.

So perhaps a supergun, even though we never saw those cylinders act in a gunlike manner on the Mirandas. Or, as I'd prefer, this cylinder could be a miniature form of the front end of Kirk's ship: this could be the main deflector of the Constellation, just like the pods on the Miranda would be its main deflectors.
I think Rick Sternbach wrote in his writeup for the Star Trek Magazine that it was a long-range 'sensor gun' more or less like you say it's analagous to the main sensor on the Constitution. The main deflector could still be kept where it is.

Also, the big bulges on the underside flanking this "lance" could be the fuel tanks of the ship. That is, instead of the neat multiple "canisters" inside the hull, this ship could have two large volumes basically similar to the tanks of the Galaxy.
You know, those have always bothered me. I'd say they're either deuterium tanks or the Starfleet ship equivalent of 'radar domes.'

Just wild suggestions. The ship appears just fine as it is in that latest MSD.
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