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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Well, I'm not exactly new...I've posting here (on an extremely irregular basis) for a while now...but I just wanted to post in this thread because I, too, really like Voyager, and I thought it would be nice to mention this to people who could be trusted not to then tell me how much they dislike Voyager. I'm pretty tired of that, to be honest, and I imagine I'm not the only one.

Not a fan of Janeway/Chakotay, though. I mean, I like both characters a lot, but not as a couple. Too incestuous, if you ask me.

I like all the Trek TV shows except Enterprise (I tried, and I didn't hate it, but I just never could get into it), but I don't really care for the movies (ditto). A couple of them were pretty good, but mostly I found them a disappointment. Anyway, although I love most of the Trek shows, there was always something special about Voyager.

I'm writer -- non-fiction articles, primarily -- which is why I still, you know, capitalize and use proper punctuation and try to spell things correctly and practice other apparently outmoded conventions of written English. And one of the things I like about this site is that a lot of other people do that too. Yay!
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