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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals - (SPOILERS)

Just finished this book...and wow! It's rare that the middle book of a trilogy has much impact, but this one really packed a punch and I think I actually prefer it to "Gods of Night". The final action sequence with the Hirogen was fantastic, among the best battles I've read. It also cemented my love for Choudhury, Worf, and particularly Kedair - although I'm liking all of the Aventine crew so far, she appeals to me most. The Takarans never really interested me in the TNG episode "Suspicions", but here, they're awesome.

Not to mention the cliffhangers, which were fantastic. Ree attacking Troi (perhaps to force the Caeliar to provide medical treatment or something?), Titan heading to the Azure Nebula with Hernandez, and my personal favourite: the armada of Borg ships tearing through the Federation with the Enterprise and the Aventine right behind them.

It was really cool to see Voyager at the end, but I was kinda confused; Picard ordered medical and repair teams to beam over, but then took his ship out of the nebula. Did he leave the teams behind, or did he just abandon Voyager?
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