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Re: Why no sequal to JC The Thing.

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The worst thing about a possible sequel/prequel is that they'd use CG. There's something more visceral about using latex and rubber and fake blood and so on that CG can't match.
The thing is you know the creature isn't real anyway...but the practical effects are right there in front of the camera...while my eye can still spot the CG quite easily. Especially if it's creature effects (CG backgrounds and buildings are usually quite good).

I've never understood that arguement though. Surely your eye can tell when something is a piece of rubber. A rubber Thing-dog is just as fake as a CGI Thing-dog and the big advantage to the CGI dog is you can't see the seams where the dog ends and the stuntman underneath begins.

What it is is that I've already suspended my disbelief, I know there's no alien there, but when they use rubber and latex and whatnot...that stuff is really in front of the camera. The eye can see that and it helps to make it seem more real.
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