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Re: List of Federation Members

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In terms of clear-cut mistakes, Klaestron shouldn't be a UFP member. They were overtly hostile in "Dax" and made it clear that the UFP should keep out of their business.
Doesn't Earth's United Nations have some overtly hostile members at times, who make it clear that the UN should keep out of their business?
The United Nations isn't a government capable of making binding law and in possession of its own military. It is, in its own words, an international organization and a tool of its Member States.

The Federation, on the other hand, is exactly that -- a federation. A sovereign state that practices federalism. Which is not to say that the UFP might not have Members that want more autonomy than is norm, same way that, for instance, Alaska tends to prefer more autonomy than New Jersey or New York. I just get irritated when people associate the UFP with the UN, even though their symbol is really the only thing that's similar about them.
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