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Re: Constellation class

Granted that most reference photos are fuzzy, but it seems to me that the junctions of the T-shaped engine pylons each hold the standard torpedo tube pair that we can see on the neck of a refitted Constitution or the pod of a Miranda. The assembly sits just below (or, in the lower pylon, above) the horizontal part of the T. The muzzles just aren't painted or lit particularly prominently - much like the impulse assemblies lack the lighting arrangment found in the original Constitution application.

In contrast, there's nothing in the saucer to indicate the presence of torp tubes there. There are just those three paired phaser emitters on each side, plus five single ones on the dorsal side - and supposedly at least one corresponding single emitter just below the bow because a single beam is fired from there in the "Peak Performance" mock fight.

The big square feature at the bow of the ship isn't painted or lit all that clearly, either - allowing us to select between two functions. Yeah, it could be a giant shuttlebay door. But the ship already has two doors per side for such a function. So the square could just as well be a deflector dish. We only see a total of three Constellation class ships in Star Trek, and the first two ("The Battle", "Peak Performance") are wrecks whose deflectors could justifiably be dark, while the bow of the third ("Redemption") is never seen.

Timo Saloniemi

Edit: Whoops, there's also a fourth Constellation briefly glimpsed: the Victory makes a bow-first appearance at the end of "Elementary, Dear Data", without a glowing bow. Then again, we know that TOS movie era deflectors don't glow much unless the ship is underway, while TNG era deflectors always have a very subdued glow...
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