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Re: Knight Rider - 1x13: Exit Light, Enter Knight - Discussion and Spo

Yeah it was pretty good, considering my NBC analog feed is crapola, I had to literally hold my antenna while I watched the grainy, staticy mess of a picture and it still had me intriqued enough to look forward to watching it on It reminded me a lot of an old KR episode, but with a more modern way of handling it. In the 80s the bank robbers would be guys in cheesy masks, with magnums and maaaybe a guy with an uzi and a guy with a shot gun. Mike would just run and dodge the gun fire and tackle a guy or give him the 'Kirk spin kick'

I really didn't get into this show until only past few episodes. Although... I am in love with Smith Cho. I used to lament that this show didn't really have a good 'Bonnie'. Sarah's sorta kinda that but not quite. But Smith... she's so fraking hot to me. And yes, I would endure the accidental drooling and swats from her just to get that close to her on a couch. LOL That other geek.. is officially the man.

Course Mike did lay Sarah the episode prior but then we all saw that one coming.

Best line of the episode

Zoe: She's a girl, of course she can keep secrets!
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