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Re: List of Federation Members

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Hmm, would anybody be willing to cofirm Pakwa-than? That's one I've been wondering about ever since we met Ree in Taking Wing.
I don't know if it's been confirmed, but it's been established that there are "only 100" or so Pakwa-than serving in Starfleet. I don't see why that number would be perceived as being unusually low if the Pakwa-than weren't Members. Deanna also describes the Pakwa-than as having greatly enhanced the state of Federation medicine in Taking Wing, if I recall correctly. So I would infer that they are (subject, of course, to later novels' clarification).
Cool, thanks for that Sci. I haven't read anything Titan, other than Destiny, since SoD came so my memory of the books isn't the greatest. And it does certainly sound like they are members to me. I would think that anytime thre is a big deal made over how few of a species there are in Starfleet then it would be pretty likely that they are members. Except of course when it's done in the reverse, and it's a big deal that there are so many members in the fleet, like Worf being the only Kingon, Nog being the only Ferengi, and Dakal being the only Cardassian in SF, or the number of Bajorans pre-membership.
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