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Re: List of Federation Members

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I'm not willing to make that assumption unless KRAD says so himself. Having said that, I had gotten the Federation Membership status from Memory Beta's list of Federation Members, but the actual Alpha Proxima article cites no reference to it being a Member in its own right, describing it rather as a colony. I'm afraid that I don't have The Brave and the Bold with me -- can anyone confirm Alpha Proxima's Membership status? I'm removing it from the list until/unless I hear otherwise.

The thing is, the only star in reality -- the only thing in all of astronomy -- that's called Proxima anything is Proxima Centauri, aka Alpha Centauri C. It's a unique designator (as it would have to be, since it means "closest," and there can only be one closest star). So what else could "Alpha Proxima" be except Proxima Centauri? There aren't any other Proximae to choose from.
A wise choice not to make that assumption Sci. It looks like you are correct in this matter and it appears that christopher is mistaken. Sorry C-Bizzle. As others have said elsewhere, regardless of whatever fan handwave someone may choose to invent, in this case regarding Alpha Proxima and Proxima Centauri being one and the same, what apparently matters is the Author's intention; and given the text, it doesn't appear that this was the Author's intention.

From The Brave and the Bold by Keith R.A. DeCandido:
Takeshewada turned to Masada. “Talk to me about Proxima, Guillermo.”

Masada reached behind his head and yanked on his ponytail, which he always did right before giving a report. “Your basic Class-M planet—part of the big colonization push after warp drive was discovered, made part of the Federation, gobby gobby gobby. Nothing particularly notable.”

Decker could hear the undercurrent in Masada’s voice, and knew he was dying to add, Unlike, say, a neutron star. “Guillermo, knock it off.”

Sounding nonplussed, Masada said, “Sir?”

“We know you’re angry about cutting the neutron star survey short. Get over it and give a proper report.”

Straightening in his chair, Masada pulled on his ponytail again. “Yes, sir,” he said quickly, and peered into his sensor hood. Blue light shone on his features as he read off the data contained therein. “Alpha Proxima II was colonized in 2189 by the S.S. Esperanza. They set up two cities, both on the northern continent. In fact, the northern polar region’s the only place that’s really comfortable for humans—rest of the planet’s either too hot or covered in water. Current population is about one million four hundred thousand. The government consists of a planetary council run by a chief speaker, and they also have representation on the Federation Council.” He looked up. “You want their chief exports?”

Chuckling, Decker said, “I’ll pass, thanks.”
Hm. I don't know. If they have representation on the Council, that strongly implies that they're a Member State in their own right. (On the other hand, if they're part of Alpha Centauri, their representation on the Council would come through the Federation Councillor from Alpha Centauri.) KRAD, can you resolve this dispute?
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