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Re: Which was the best homage to TOS

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You can definately tell from the backstage interviews that the cast and crew had a blast making the episode and it shows on screen.
I was quite surprised at that, especially Terry Farrell. Maybe it was just not seeing/reading many interviews with her before, but I didn't expect her to be that enthusiastic.

I'm also really glad they ditched the second idea of the Star Trek fan planet. It might have been fun - but not as fun as having DS9 and TOS merge together like that.

Even a girl I'm dating who hates Star Trek watched it and loved it. Her thoughts were "Thats so weird... and awesome."

Actually using Sigma Iotia as a "fan planet" seems to have its genesis in the "Worlds of the Federation" guide book from TNG. That book states that a Federation starship returned to Sigma Iotia years later and found a fully functional 23rd century style starbase.
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