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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals - (SPOILERS)

Back to "Mere Mortals" - I'm really enjoying the Hernandez sections of this book, especially after the Change. I thought I'd miss Metzger, Valerian, and Fletcher (especially Fletcher) but so much has happened since their deaths that I actually don't. Inyx is such an intriguing character, I love reading about him and his interactions with Hernandez.

The Titan scenes are great, too. All the characters are spot-on in terms of characterisation, especially Vale and Troi. I'm enjoying the way that the entire crew is so helpless, mired in the Caeliar problem and their own personal issues (Pazlar's addiction to the holopresence technology, Troi's pregnancy)...does that make me a bit of a sadist?

I'm enjoying the collaborations between the Enterprise and the Aventine. Seeing the very different crewmembers work together is really entertaining, particularly with Leishman and La Forge. I hope this is followed up on, it'd be a shame to see this plot thread (although minor) go to waste. Exploring the other sides of the apertures has also led to some pretty cool moments.

My favourite storyline, however, has to be Bacco gathering support for the expeditionary force on Earth. It's just such a random mish-mash of characters, yet it works so well - Bacco, Jellico, Nechayev, Seven, and Garak aren't usually seen together, but here they flourish.

My only criticism thus far is more of a concern, actually, in that the Caeliar are so powerful that it's hard to see how anyone or anything could oppose them. I'm very interested in them, though; am I reading into things that aren't there when I imagine a link between them and the Borg? The lack of a mention of Graylock's missing city and the description of the gestalt that seems similar to the Borg hive mind has my mind whirring with suspicion.
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