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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

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Carol Danvers is a classic Marvel character who has been around for decades and, despite her lower profile, killing her is as ridiculous as killing Janet van Dyne.
IMHO, killing major superheroes (or even most B-list superheroes) is always a huge mistake by publishers. The rewards are always short-lived.

DC killed Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and paid for it when his successor failed to catch on. Bringing Ollie back was then handled in the clumsiest fashion by the inexperienced writer Kevin Smith.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) never should have turned into Parallax. Later, when Hal was killed, merging him with The Spectre turned out to be as good a match as turkey gravy on ice cream.

As for Barry Allen, I'm sure there has been plenty of collective regret (among both fans and comics professionals) that he was killed off in Crisis On Infinite Earths. I am thankful for his return. And no one's saying that Wally West wasn't a great successor.

I'm hoping there's some sort of escape hatch that will allow Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) to come back.

As for Carol Danvers, I'm with you guys. She better not be dead.
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